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On Premise Bar Service

On Premise Bar Service

On Premise Bar Service At Diamond Event Center

The Diamond Event Center is a host liquor facility. All liquor is provided by the host of the event. This allows our clients to save on their total bar expenses.

Bar Policies

The following bar policies are crafted to allow you and your guests to enjoy and celebrate with a minimum of fuss and liability, to either the hosts, guests, and to the Diamond Event Center. To further that goal, it is necessary for the Diamond Event Center to maintain control of the liquor while it is on the premises.

Bar Hours

As a standard part of your contract with the Diamond Event Center, bar services are available from the start to the end of your event. If you are interested in limiting the hours that alcohol is available, please ask your Event Specialist for some options.

Guests' Safety

Glassware is discouraged on the dance floors, due to the probability of breakage. Many of your guests will choose to dance without their shoes on.


Although beverages are regularly served by the bartenders in glassware, any guest having difficulties handling glassware (and younger children) may be offered their drinks in a plastic cup.


Alcohol may only leave the bar as an individually served beverage, wine or champagne served at the guest tables, for a ceremonial dollar dance, or escorted out of the building at the conclusion of your event. Limited consumption of shots is generally allowed. Shots must be consumed while at the bar. Shots are not permitted the last hour of an event and may be stopped sooner based on the discretion of the management. Guests and hosts are limited to being served, and are not permitted behind the bar, thus allowing you to fully enjoy the event.


Minors will not be served alcohol. Picture ID's are required of anyone who appears to be less than 21 years of age. Please be aware that all guests must be prepared to produce a picture ID. Once an ID is requested, it is required by law, that we not serve that guest alcohol until it is produced. Anyone providing alcohol to a minor will be asked to leave the premises. This includes, but is not limited to, the minor's parents.

Excess Consumption

The Diamond Event Center reserves the right to limit the consumption of alcohol by any and all of your guests either by limiting shots, diluting drinks or by not allowing further consumption. Under extreme conditions, this may entail removing the alcohol from the bar.


The Diamond Event Center encourages you to name a liaison to handle all of these alcohol-related issues during your event. It is requested that they abstain from the consumption of alcohol during the event, so that they may deal with the issues with a clear head. Please be sure and introduce them to the Event Manager at the beginning of the event.


One 5 liter box of wine contains approximately 36 glasses, one 750ml bottle contains 6-8 glasses.


Clients may supply beer in cans or kegs (preferred). We supply the tap. There are approximately 200 servings in a keg of beer. Allow 1.3 servings of beer per guest. A $25 glass disposal fee (per 10 cases) is required for beer supplied in glass bottles.